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Grey squirrel trap,The only humane and effective defence against squirrel damage in your loft or garden. Live capture so inadvertently trapped animals such as red squirrels, cats, hedgehogs or birds can be released without harm or injury.

trap man squirrel trap


Product: Single catch squirrel trap (can be used again & again)
Product Code: AF160A £25.99
Quantity: green-tickin stockgreen-tick
Small bag of grey squirrel bait (+1.00):
Pair of gauntlet gloves (+4.99):

Product: Two Squirrel Traps £45.99 increase your catch rate by 50%
Product Code: AF160aTwo
Quantity: Two squirrel traps green-tickin stockgreen-tick
Product: Six Squirrel traps £128.99 not individually boxed
Product Code: AF160Asix
Quantity: pack of six
in stock
A squirrel trap that's just that bit better with a clear plastic sliding rear door for ease of baiting and squirrel removal.

pro gold squirrel trap


Product: Pro Gold Squirrel Trap £34.99+vat
Product Code: AF160AProGld
Quantity: in stock
Product: Four Pro Gold Squirrel Traps £99.99+vat
Product Code: AF160AProGldfour
Quantity: in stock

Squirrel catching kit for lofts, attics and roof space (indoors)
All you need to catch a grey squirrel in your loft.

squirrel catching loft kit

Squirrel Trap Loft Kit £29.99+vat boxed with instructions
Product Code: AF160Aloftkit
in stock


Our run through squirrel trap

Run through trap requires no baiting, the run through design relies on the rat, mink or squirrel to enter the tunnel trap during its normal hunt for food. The mink, squirrel or rat simply steps onto the central treadle plate that triggers both doors to spring shut.

Double entry trap 27" x 6" x 6"

Run Through Mink Trap £29.99 +vat
Product Code: AF160runthru
Quantity: in stock

Product: Four Trap Man run through Mink traps £99.99+vat(£25.00 each) not individually boxed
Product Code: AF160runthrufour
Quantity: pack of four in stock



older design run through traps

older design run through traps







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