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Live capture humane rabbit traps

Check the number of rabbits to gauge how many rabbit traps to purchase.
As rule of thumb the size of the rabbit population can be easily obtained by counting rabbits at the site of damage, during the daytime in heavily infested areas or at night, using a spotlight. Where feasible, the number
of rabbit traps used should be one half of the total number of rabbits counted. In glasshouses and allotments where only a few rabbits can cause considerable damage, a minimum of 6 rabbit traps should be used.

Folding single catch rabbit trap, use this inexpensive rabbit trap if storage and transporting is a problem. Simple, easy to setup and quick to fold away, good discounts of packs of six

Folding rabbit trap

folding rabbit trap £27.99+vat
Product Code: AF157F
Quantity: in stock
Product: Six Trap Man Folding rabbit traps £134.99+vat
Product Code: AF157Fsix
Quantity: pack of six in stock
Product: Nine Folding rabbit traps £179.99+vat
Product Code: AF157F9
Quantity: pack of nine in stock

Single catch rabbit trap, strong galvanised mesh trap, suitable for long term catching programs, rugged construction, popular with farmers. look at our newly designed rabbit trap at the bottom of this page.

single catch rabbit trap

Product: Single catch rabbit trap £27.99 boxed with instructions
Product Code: AF157
in stock
Product: Four Trap Man rabbit traps £109.99 not boxed
Product Code: AF157four
Quantity: pack of four
in stock


Pro Gold Rabbit trap, when only the best will do !!

Sprung loaded locking door, can also be used for mink

pro gold rabbit trap

Product: Pro Gold rabbit trap £29.99
Product Code: AF157progld
in stock
Product: Four Pro Gold rabbit traps £114.99
Product Code: AF157progldfour
Quantity: pack of four
in stock


New design standard rabbit trap pictured below, available NOW , we are currently collating our field testing. The main improvements are even stronger wire, electro galvanized frame after manufacture, larger wire mesh treadle plate, longer trap to give the captured rabbit more room and a strengthening bar surrounding the open end to prevent the entrance distorting.

rabbit trap new design

Four trapman rabbit traps

Product: Four Trap Man rabbit traps £109.99 not boxed
Product Code: AF157four
Quantity: pack of four
in stock








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